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EXTREMELY HORRIBLE! Mother Gets Sexually Assaulted by Her Brother-In-Law in Front of Her Kids!

Shocking news went viral when a mother was reportedly sexually assaulted in front of her kids, by her brother-in-law no less. The horrible incident no doubt scarred the unsuspecting children and their mother for life. 
Five-year-old ‘Jessa’ – not her real name – was unfortunately forced to witness her mother, Maria – also not her real name – being raped by her own uncle. 
She narrated that the terrible event happened on the evening of January 17. Her father was not around when her uncle entered the house.
The uncle, as it turned out, flashed a gun and threatened her not to call anyone for help. Then he allegedly sexually assaulted Jessa’s mother right in front of them. When her father came home, he found his wife tied up but didn’t do anything to help her. 
Instead, he ordered his brother to fetch him water and buy him three sticks of cigarettes. Jessa was eventually able to free her mother by using a machete. 
Her mother – obviously deeply traumatized by the horrific assault – had a blank stare while she was being interviewed by the ABS-CBN news reporters. 
She admitted that she was afraid, but forced herself to be brave for her children. Authorities believe the crime could have been planned beforehand. 

Minalabac police spokesperson PO2 Fatima Lanuza said that the husband was often away and it usually takes him an hour to get home after working in the fields. 
The authorities filed charges against the uncle on February 2 and are currently looking for legal action that may be filed against the father. Jessa, along with her younger brother, were taken into police custody.  
Meanwhile, Maria has another child who was apparently taken by a different brother-in-law. Because of this, she filed a separate complaint against the kidnapper.  
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Source: Cracker Daily
EXTREMELY HORRIBLE! Mother Gets Sexually Assaulted by Her Brother-In-Law in Front of Her Kids!

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