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Facebook Account of ‘Missing’ Marikina Teacher Changes Profile Picture and Cover Photo

Last week, the story of ‘missing’ Marikina teacher Paul Anthony Miranda Esguerra went viral, with thousands of people sharing the blog posts and news stories on social media, in hopes of finding leads so he can be found.

It can be recalled that Esguerra’s story piqued netizens’ interest because before he was reported missing by his cousin and his partner, he supposedly wrote a ‘death announcement’ on his Facebook page.

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Marikina Teacher Goes Missing, Cousin Finds His ‘Death Announcement’ on Facebook

But even when the story had gone viral across many channels, even on mainstream media, there were no leads – and there was also no body recovered from Manila Bay where he supposedly went missing, based on his Facebook status.

Then, on February 14, nine days after he went missing, his Facebook page showed public changes – he changed both his profile picture and his cover photo at 12:32 AM.

Photos by Paul Anthony Miranda Esguerra / Facebook

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Both photos held cryptic meaning. The profile photo showed a black and white photo of a young man sitting on a hammock in what appears to be bare room. It is impossible to tell whether the young man in the photo was Esguerra.

Meanwhile, for the cover photo, whoever changed the account settings picked out a colored photo of an eye – possibly Esguerra’s eye?

It is quite possible that it was Esguerra who changed both photos – and we have high hopes that, indeed, he was the one who did that! That would mean he didn’t take his own life; although it would seem that he’s still disturbed and needs help.

As of press time, his family has not issued a statement regarding the matter; although his cousin Gary Joran Mayoralgo had deleted his post about Esguerra while his partner deactivated her Facebook account.

Buzz Definitely Filipino is still trying to reach Mayoralgo and Esguerra so they can enlighten us about what really happened but we do hope he is alright…

Source: DefinitelyFilipino
Facebook Account of ‘Missing’ Marikina Teacher Changes Profile Picture and Cover Photo

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