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Filipino Dad Visiting Sister in Australia Loses Legs, Could Lose Both Arms after Getting Bitten by a Spider

A Filipino father-of-two has lost both his legs and is in danger of also losing both his arms after getting bitten by a spider while visiting his siblings in Australia!

Terry Pareja was just visiting his sister and her family in Birchip, Victoria in Australia when he was bitten by what was suspected to be a white-tailed spider last February 24. He didn’t mind the bite but his leg would soon swell up and he felt unwell later that day.

He (could) hardly walk on Saturday and on Sunday (his leg) started to turn black,” recalled his brother-in-law, Ray Ogleby.

But because there was not medical service in Birchip during weekends and Pareja didn’t have travel insurance, they waited until Monday to visit the clinic. As soon as the doctor saw him that Monday, February 27, he was rushed to Horsham hospital located in Horsham, over 100 kilometers away.

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Pareja’s right leg was immediately amputated in an emergency surgery at Horsham hospital but doctors feared the bite was fatal and flesh-eating bacteria had already affected both his limbs; so, he was airlifted to Alfred Hospital in Melbourne to have his other leg removed.

The bills kept piling up and Pareja’s condition worsened. His daughter Jeffmarey Pareja launched a GoFundMe campaign in hopes of gathering enough money for the treatment.

Now my dad is in ICU having 2 of his kidneys not working and is aided by kidney support, he has support for his blood pressure as well.  Doctors also discovered that the necrotising fasciitis ( flesh eating bacteria) is still there,” Pareja’s daughter wrote.

The doctors fear that both his arms might have to be amputated as well.

According to Pareja’s sister Raquel Ogleby, it might take anywhere from 12 to 18 months before he could get back home to the Philippines. The campaign has surpassed its initial target of $30,000 but because the family expects to need more than that amount, the goal was raised to $100,000; to date, it has received $44,300 in donations from over 1,000 people.

Click here to donate on the GoFundMe campaign for Mr. Pareja.

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Filipino Dad Visiting Sister in Australia Loses Legs, Could Lose Both Arms after Getting Bitten by a Spider

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