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Former Hillary Clinton Intern now a Star..P0rn Star


Seems so juicy story we learned from TMZ today, former Hillary Clinton intern named Sammie Spade turned P0rn Star.

About 2 weeks ago, we posted about Huma Abedin’s pregnancy, wife of US Representative Anthony Weiner allegedly caught in a sex scandal but now resigned.

What makes more interesting about Sammie Spade is not just about  her body but also her background in college in which she was vouched by her professor saying she was Straight-A Student. Her professor named David M. Nemi states in his letter,

“Samantha did very well in my classes always received an “A”.

Also says,

“More impressively, however, I believe that [Sammie’s] professionalism, dependability, and drive to improve will assure her success.”

“Her writing speaks for itself; she could be an able English, Journalism, or Pre-law major, depending on where her interests take her.”

Sammie Spade who’s real name Samantha Koithan changed her name to be become a star of such epic masterpieces as Big Butts Like It Big #8, and White Bubble Butts #4.SammieSpade

When TMZ asked what she thinks her former boss would think of her now that he changed her career,

“I don’t think Hillary would be too happy, but I have nothing but respect for Mrs. Clinton.”

She reminds me of Haley Reinhart who reaches top 3 of last season’s American Idol.

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