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From The Outside, This Looks Like A Normal House. But, When She Opens The Door? WHOA…

Back in 1992, Parlier native, Lynea Lattanzio, helped rescue 15 cats with her father. It was such a rewarding experience that Lynea immediately knew it was her life’s calling. By the end of the year, she rescued and rehomed over 95 cats.

While those rescue efforts may seem impressive, they were just the beginning of Lynea’s journey. She continued to bring in feral and abandoned cats on a daily basis. Today, there are over 1,100 cats on her property!

Lynea took care of the cats out of her own pocket for several years. To fund this endeavor, she sold her car, wedding ring, and even gave up her 4200 sq ft home. It hasn’t been easy on Lynea but things have gotten better over the years.

As people learned about her wonderful organization, Cat House On The Kings, she started to receive assistance. The number of volunteers increased dramatically. Donations also grew to the point where Lynea didn’t need to go out of her own pocket anymore!

Take a look at the video below to see her entire story.

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From The Outside, This Looks Like A Normal House. But, When She Opens The Door? WHOA…

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