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Full video: Release of Resorts World CCTV video debunks ISIS theory of Rappler but conspiracy theories on social media persist

While the ISIS angle peddled around by Rappler and other major news outlets has been quashed by the released of the CCTV video, the social media have offered alternative theories about the RSM attack.

A blogger hiding behind the handle “Chip Englund” insinuates the RW Manila attack was political, intended to hurt Philippine tourism, which is one of the engines that drives the country’s economy.

Too Many Questions

If this government wanted to give an impression of a mounting security threat in a bid to declare nation-wide Martial Law, it would push the terrorism angle in the Resorts World debacle. On the CONTRARY, this government has taken pains to downplay terrorism claims.

Why did the gunman shoot in the air, intending to cause panic but not outright deaths?

Why would he steal casino gaming chips?! Legal tender na ba ito?

Why is he reportedly foreign and caucasian? Why was his supposed body “burned beyond recognition”. Siya pa ba talaga yun? Or was it a decoy?
Why Resorts World? Just the closest high profile target to the airport? From this angle, it looks like a ploy to hurt tourism.

This is not a Plaza Miranda. There are unseen hands, and they do not logically point to Malacanang.

Diane Morales Quimo leans towards buying the “political sabotage” angle of Chip Englund. “Malaki cguro binayad ng mga kultong dilaw jan sa suspect..milyones kya suicidal na, atleast malaking pera naiwan sa pamilya nya…mga demonyong kultong dilaw ayaw tlga tumigil.”

Netizen Virador Alice agrees with Chip Englund too. “It’s a well planned, ang galing ng Senator na to mag direct! Pagkatapos ay case closed agad kasi wala na ang gun man at hindi na maka-pagturo kung sino ang puno. Best director talaga ang Demonyong nasa Senado! Narco Politician ginagawa ang lahat ng pang-gugulo maibalik lang ang kanilang mga illegal drugs businesses.”

Meanwhile, a commenter on the post of CNN Philippines says his accomplices might have killed him and burned him to cover their tracks.

On one hand, netizen Karen Faith De Pablo thinks the suspect is an arsonist. “Based on what I see,if this man works alone then I think he is an arsonist, well mentally ill… And he is probably using fire para ma divert yung attention Ng security team and PNP. He set himself on fire and shot himself at the end because he knew na Hindi na sya makakalabas Ng buhay. It would be interesting to know his background actually.”

Netizen Kiezl Che Alonzo Quiambao this is an inside job. “Awww… masyado mo naman ginalingan kuya! You did it all by yourself?! Really cant imagine.. ☹️
Well planned yung sa tables ahh.. you chose to fire the vip tables since it’s not usually a crowded area unlike on the 1st floor. I can see that you have no intention of hurting people however just to scared them and to continue to retaliate against RW.

But getting a lot of a not scanned chips instead of cash was really I cant understand.. hahaha Its useless..‍♀️

I wonder how come you know where the storage is? Hmm. Among all of the Casinos here in the Philippines, Resorts World has the most tight security. Casinos are highly secured. So how come he did it so fast and still no appearance of their security? You have the surveillance team, you can monitor time to time where the gunman will go. You have your radios to direct everything. What happened to your security management RW? You have lots of IS roaming time to time right? Your Tall Mens.. like really tall securities in charge) How come you let him finish everything first before you had the gun fight?!! And even at the back office no security in charge? Whoah. You cant blame people if they think there is an inside job knowing how tight your security is. So sad. Anyare dun sa dalawang guys na nasa may storage saktong pagpasok nya saktong labas din nila sa kabilang door? Galing naman.

Your eagerness to get back your money will really makes you insane. Its gambling. Its your choice if you will risk your money or not. If you lose, then so be it. Time to stop. Not every time uou will be on top. You just have to control yourself.

and because of your revenge a lot of casualties died even you. ☹️‍♀️ too scripted. Tsk

But where is the footage where the gunman put himself on fire? Hmm”

This commenter thinks the CIA is behind the attack.

One thing is clear, netizens agree that Resorts World Manila committed security lapses.

Eman Castillo said: “Kpbyaan ng hotel security un lng un! Dmi nyo snisisi e ang office of security dpt sisihin dyn!!! Baril plng nkpsok n anung ktngahan ng pgbbantay nun baby m16 p naipsok at mdmi bala with magazine!!!! Mga buwang snsbi ng mga hnd nkkaintndi!!!”

April Mae Jones wrote: “All i can say after watching the cctv footage is, These are all security and management lapses! Ano ibabaril ng guard kung wala naman supplies galing sa management! At ano gagawin ng guard kung walang proper training mga deneploy nila dyan! Ang alam lang magsuot ng barong at tumingin sa paligid! Lack of security measures at all!!! Condolence to all bereaved families!”

John Bartolotta commented: “All the security in Manila all the security with shot guns and machine guns every where you go and this happened at a casino out of all the places . Can not believe that this happened there wtf. They need to train and be prepared for any situation not just be a presence very disappointed that this happened. All the security there and no one shot this guy dead? God bless all the people that lost there lives and their families.”

Your reaction, please!

Sources: ANC, Maharlika, CNN Philippines. Chip Englund

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Full video: Release of Resorts World CCTV video debunks ISIS theory of Rappler but conspiracy theories on social media persist

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