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Genelyn Sandaga’s newest internet sensation with Just Give Me A Reason Cover [VIDEO]

Genelyn Sandaga‘s Just Give Me A Reason cover video just went viral.

Genelyn’s video which was uploaded around two months ago based on Youtube info became viral after being shared on social networking sites such as Facebook. Some praise her, some bash her. As they say, you can’t please everybody.

Genelyn Sandaga

Her video now reaches 104,522 as of this posting and probably increase in the next couple of days. Below is the Genelyn Sandaga‘s Pink Just Give Me A Reason cover.

Aside from increasing number of views, someone already created a Facebook fan page for Genelyn Sandaga, which surprises me when it reaches more than 1000 likes after having more than a hundred just this morning.

Will this be  Genelyn Sandaga’s shining moment? Well, I think we should wait and see if she’ll make it to mainstream media.


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