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Gerald Anderson:Sarah Geronimo is more open with what she feels

Philippine Entertainment Portal(PEP) recently interviewed Gerald Anderson, asking him several questions regarding the real score between him and popstar princess Sarah Geronimo. Sarah G celebrated her 24th birthday concert last night at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel in Mandaluyong City. And while the popstar princess was the the object of all attention and the spotlight, equally intriguing was the status of her and Gerald Anderson who has been courting her for months already.

“I’m actually happy with how our friendship has developed, how I got to know her.”

Gerald Anderson also mentioned Sarah Geronimo‘s family whom he said has been very supportive with him and very much welcomed him into their home.

“I’m very thankful to the Geronimo family for giving me their trust. To her mom and dad, thank you for giving me an oppurtunity to get to know her even more.”

“Yes, I visit Sarah but not too often because both of us are very busy.”

According to Gerald, Sarah Geronimo is now more open with what she feels. Open about what Gerald?

“It’s about time.Sarah is already at the right age and there’s no need to hide what you feel for a person. She’s blooming into a very beautiful woman, inside and out. And she will be even more matured someday .”

Pretty big words Gerald! Looks like you and Sarah are about to announce something big soon! We’ll be waiting! 😀



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