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Grade 1 Teacher Carries Her Students to Safety Every Time it Floods in Their School

Heroes come in many forms – and one teacher who carries her students to safety every time it floods in their school has gone viral, earning praise from netizens for her heroic deed that keeps the students dry and safe.

Do you agree that she should be hailed a hero?

Meet Ma’am Leonora Fernandez, the guidance counselor and Grade 1 teacher at West Central One Elementary School in Dagupan City, Pangasinan. When it rains in the area and the high tide also comes in, the area between her classroom and the school gates becomes filled with water.

Because her students could not afford to buy rain boots, the teacher decided that she will just carry them to safety so they would remain dry as well as safe. Of her twenty one Grade 1 pupils, the teacher said she often carries around sixteen of them to the gates.

Photo credit: Evita Javier / Facebook

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Her heroic deed went viral after netizen Evita Javier spotted her going back and forth to carry her pupils.

Many netizens praised the teacher for her selfless actions, considering that she could have just called up the parents to come pick the students up themselves instead of taking it upon herself to do this herculean task.

Others commented how the parents should just have taken the initiative to pick their children up so the teacher wouldn’t have to do this every time it floods in the area but a better solution would be to make a footbridge, perhaps, between her room and the higher ground so the kids can just walk there by themselves?

Check out this report on this selfless teacher:

Source: DefinitelyFilipino
Grade 1 Teacher Carries Her Students to Safety Every Time it Floods in Their School

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