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Graduate Honors Super Strict Dad Who was Actually Very Supportive Even until His Last Breath

Tapon mo na mga gamit nyan kung di papasok.

Sige wag ka nang pumasok, Wag ka nang mag-aral.

Wag ka ng sumali sa contest na yan, pang may pera lang yan.

These were just some of the phrases that Lucy Pascual Paloma often heard from her father, even back in her elementary years. Coming from a strict dad who would actually leave her at home if she didn’t get up, these were motivation enough to go to school.

Even as a young child, she learned to accept the fact that her father would never allow her to join field trips because he believes such were dangerous and just a waste of money. But because her dad only worked as tricycle driver, Lucy realized that the real reason he didn’t allow that was because they actually couldn’t afford it.

Photo credit: Lucy Pascual Paloma / Facebook

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As she grew up, she realized that her dad’s super strict way of dealing with his children was actually reverse psychology so they would strive hard and do their best. For despite forbidding her from joining contests because ‘she didn’t have talent’ or that ‘only teachers’ favorites are chosen’, he was proud to go up the stage each time she receives an award.

Lucy had to work after graduating from high school because she knew her parents had no means to send her to college but her dad persuaded her to take vocational courses as those were offered for free. Then, after two years he managed to convince one of her uncles to fund her education.

When Lucy was in 3rd year in college at Bulacan State University, her father was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease 5. Not only did he require regular dialysis sessions, he also needed to undergo a transplant.

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Graduate Honors Super Strict Dad Who was Actually Very Supportive Even until His Last Breath

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