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Green Lantern lit up box office with $52.7M


Green Lantern starred by Ryan Reynolds tops the weekend box office with $52.7M on its opening sales while Super 8 which open as number one last week feel down one spot as it only earns $21.2M .

Newly opened last weekend Jim Carrey in Mr. Poppers Penguins fell at third place with $18.2M gross sales.

At fourth spot is X-Men First Class adds another $11.5M to finally hit more $100M worth of sales on its 3rd weekend in wide screen

Staying strong last weekend is The Hangover Part II and took $9.6 million on its 4th weekend as it mark $232.7M total gross sales.



Below is Father’s Day Weekend Box-Office Estimates For Weekend of June 17, 2011

Movie     Weekend Gross     Total to Date
1     Green Lantern (PG13)     $52.7M     $52.7M
2     Super 8 (PG13)     $21.2M     $72.8M
3     Mr. Popper’s Penguins (PG)     $18.2M     $18.2M
4     X-Men: First Class (PG13)     $11.5M     $119.9M
5     The Hangover Part II (R)     $9.6M     $232.7M


For those who likes the movie expects a sequel as they were hinted with Green Lantern fter credits extra scene. Be sure to check it out.


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