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NBA Playoffs : Grizzlies defeated by Thunders In Triple Overtime Thriller


Yet another historical NBA game has been written by Memphis Grizzlies and Oklahoma Thunders. The Game 4 match of Grizzlies and Thunders, Thunders won with 133 pts over Grizzles scored only 123 pts. It wasn’t  the scores and the standing the reason for historical records but the game match itself which lasted in Triple Overtime.

The first triple overtime had happened back in 2009 when Chicago downed Boston 128-127 on April 30, 2009 and now repeated by Grizzlies and Thunders.

In the third overtime, Thunders particularly Durant was hesitant to make Grizzlies win another game and became very proud of their accomplishment saying,okc-thunders-durant

“It was fun. It was something I can tell my kids that I played in a great game like this,”

Now that the standing has been tied:

“We’ve got to keep fighting, though,” Durant said.

“It’s tied up right now. We’re taking it back to our house. So we’ll see how we handle it.”

Memphis coach Lionel Hollins said:

“Both teams kept coming back and fighting and fighting and fighting. It became a matter of just not having enough bullets as the game wore on,” . “Nobody wanted to go home. Nobody wanted to lose.”

Thunder coach Scott Brooks said.

“We had the game won a few times,”

“They made some incredible shots. That wasn’t bad execution. Down the stretch, they made some incredible shots. That’s what NBA players do. They make tough shots, and both teams did that tonight.”

What’s your take with Grizzlies and Thunders? Who’s your bet to match with Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki?

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