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He Closed Down His Successful Business. When Customers Find Out Why? You NEED To See This.

People with down syndrome suffer from a lot of unfair stereotypes. For some reason, society likes to label them as less intelligent, socially incapable, or worst of all, a genetic defect. As anyone who has experience in this field with tell you, all of this is absolutely untrue.

In reality, people with down syndrome are just like us. They don’t need to attend special education classes, they’re capable of having jobs, and there is no evidence that suggests they have problems with socialization.

Today, we’re going to show you a man who is destroying all these stereotypes. His name is Tim Harris and he’s the only restaurant owner in the United States with down syndrome. Under his leadership, the restaurant, Tim’s Place, has turned into a successful business over the last five years.

However, even though his business was making a profit, Tim recently announced that he was closing his doors. Customers were shocked by his sudden and totally unexpected decision. But, when Tim tells the why, they can’t help but shed tears of joy for him.

I don’t want to spoil the whole video in the writing. This is one of those stories that you simply need to see in order to fully appreciate. Check it out below.

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He Closed Down His Successful Business. When Customers Find Out Why? You NEED To See This.

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