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He sticks nails into the lemon. The result? Mind blown!

We all know for a fact that it’s indeed hard to create a fire using stones right? Despite that people have been claiming that it’s easy as 123, a lot of people still believe that it’s not. The good news  is that you no longer have to use stones to create a fire, all you’ll be needing is lemon and a couple of nails.
Here are some of the things that you need: 
Six copper clips
Six zinc nails
Steel wool
What to do? Follow these steps: 
1. Roll the lemon on your palms to soften it.
2. Stick in the copper clips in the lemon. Make sure that every copper clip is one centimeter apart.
3. Do the same thing with the zinc nails, never let the nails touch each other.
4. Place the wire in the first copper clip then in the second zinc nail. 
5. Wrap a wire at the last zinc nail to the first copper clip.
6. Prepare the things that you needed to be able to create fire. Tissues and papers are what you need the most!

Source: Cracker Daily
He sticks nails into the lemon. The result? Mind blown!

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