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Her Son Got Suspended. But When She Read The Teacher’s Note, She Was SHOCKED!

Anthony Ruelas is an eighth grade student in Gateway Middle School, which is located in the Killeen Independent School District. Recently, he was suspended for walking out of the class without the teacher’s permission.

At first, his mother Mandy Cortes was angry at him and even refused to listen to his explanation. But after reading what was written on the student discipline referral form, she was just shocked.

During class, Anthony’s classmate started having an asthma attack. However, nobody did anything to help her. The teacher told the class to remain seated while she was waiting for an email from the nurse.

A few minutes later, this student fell out of her chair. Instead of staying in his seat like the teacher instructed, Anthony got up and carried his classmate to the nurse’s office.

Without a doubt, he is a hero for saving his classmate’s life. His teacher on the other hand insisted on suspending him for not following the rules.

Watch the video below for the entire story. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments!

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Her Son Got Suspended. But When She Read The Teacher’s Note, She Was SHOCKED!

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