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He’s always late for his class. The reason behind this, left him in tears!

There had been a lot of heartmelting stories online that have touched the hearts of the netizens, but then this story that you’re bound to watch will make you realize how blessed you are. This story will surely teach you how to value what you have, rather than complaining for what you don’t have.
Each day, this teacher gives a punishment for a student who’s always late in his class. Everyday, he hits his student’s hands with a stick, as a punishment for him being late.

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My pupil is always late to my class
sad shortfilm
Posted by Manila Talk on Friday, March 25, 2016

He has been consistently late for his class, and his teacher is getting more and more curious as to why he’s getting late in his class.
The teacher then decided to go to his student’s home before the class starts. He then saw him standing there, waiting for his brother to come home. He then found out that his student was waiting for his brother to come home, for him to have a uniform to use.
Yes, they’re sharing in a single uniform. He still needed to wait for his brother’s class to be done, for him to be able to wear a uniform.

Source: Cracker Daily
He’s always late for his class. The reason behind this, left him in tears!

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