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His Son Made A Mess. Now Watch How The Golden Retriever Reacts. Wow… This Is AMAZING!

Cleaning up after little kids can be very troublesome. They love to get their toys out and spread them out all across the house. They’ll leave legos in the living room, hot wheels in the dining room, aquatic toys in the bathroom, etc.

Most frustrating of all, they don’t want to clean up after their own mess. While every parent tries to instill good habits into their children, sometimes kids just refuse to listen. Instead of arguing, parents just clean the mess up for them.

Today, we’re going to show you a man who found a clever solution to this problem. When his kids leave behind a mess, he doesn’t clean it up anymore. This man trained his golden retriever, Grace, to do the cleaning for him!

As soon as the man says “clean the house”, Grace starts running all over the place. The adorable pooch makes sure that every toy is put where it belongs. She even closes the toy chest when she’s done!

It’s a video that you simply need to see in order to fully appreciate. Check it out below.

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His Son Made A Mess. Now Watch How The Golden Retriever Reacts. Wow… This Is AMAZING!

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