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HIV Blood Are Being Injected on Bananas that Was Sold inside the Country!

HIV infection is one of the scariest silent killers that can get by any person. One of the creepiest things on reality is the fact that it’s difficult to cure or untreatable disease. HIV can damage the bone marrow by infecting its cells directly, or by disrupting levels of natural chemicals (called growth factors) that help bone marrow cells develop.

This infection usually leads to a fall in the number of blood cells called CD4 cells, which are an important part of the immune system (the body’s defence system). 

But, it is really sad to know that there are some people you are trying to spread this disease by injecting the infected blood to any fruits. Everybody is given warning to give extra careful when buying fruits or vegetable. Make sure that you check the skin or cover of it if there is any suspicious dark spots.

Last time, those heartless people are injecting it to any citrus fruits, apple then to any watery fruits like watermelon. But this time, someone found out that they are now injecting it to banana which usually affordable to buy. 

When the victim let the hospital test the banana, specialists confirmed that it was HIV infected blood.

There are still no clues who are the people behind these evil activities. Please spread this article to notify your friends and love ones. 

Source: Itxamara Delgado
Source: ControversialFiles
HIV Blood Are Being Injected on Bananas that Was Sold inside the Country!

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