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How change Google Chrome’s Language in English

Did you know how to change Google Chrome’s Language? With the current version it seems Google has a way of finding out the users location. And intelligently suggested the user’s native language. Although it was cool, it seems annoying and weird on my part seeing such words on the dialog box of chrome. So I then decided to put back my language set to English. How’d I do that? Simple…

After downloading the Google Chrome version english you won’t get into trouble. The only thing is that if you’ve installed Chrome with another language. This is what you can do.

RIght clich on the Address Bar,

Then select Edit search engine… it’s the last part of the dialog box.

and then on the left side there is this word. UNDER THE HOOD, I don’t know what’s the equivalent word on your native language but it’s the last word selection on the left pane. If you are having problem couping up. Here’s the shortcut for the advanced settings.


copy and paste the above code on your address bar.


Under the Hood you will find

WEB CONTENT… please translate it to your native language.


then select Languages and spell-checker settings..



and then you’ll have this screenshot below. Select English and then Restart Chrome.



Thanks For Reading.

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