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‘I married my stepfather’ – You’ll Never Believe How This Strange Family Lives Together!

It’s a wonderful feeling to be close with your family – but how close is too close?
This girl is stretching the meaning of the word ‘family’ with her unthinkable decision to marry her step-father. 
Yes, you read that right. When Lisa Morgan’s mother Christina split from her husband Graeme, Lisa took the opportunity to marry him!
Their forbidden relationship would have destroyed most normal families but surprisingly everyone involved is alright with this setup. 
Lisa and her husband (ex-step-father) Graeme have even moved in with Cristina and her four children. All of them run a business together and enjoy the holidays together. All of them even live in the same house!
The only problem this unique family has is how to address their tangled relationships.
Lisa is Christina’s daughter from her first marriage. She used to be a half-sister to Charles and Daniel, Graeme and Christina’s sons. 
Now Lisa has become a stepmother to her former half-brothers.
Christina has become the mother-in-law of her ex-husband Graeme.
Charles and Daniel have become uncles and step-brothers to Lisa and Graeme’s son and daughter.
It’s confusing, we know.
In an interview with the Mirror Online, the family clarifies a few key details on their strange family arrangement.
Lisa said: “I never think of Graeme as my stepdad now – he’s my husband. My mother’s never resented us and we share everything.”
Graeme said: “People do get confused, but it’s worked out very well. It seemed like the perfect solution to all live together.
“I didn’t want to lose the boys when Christina and I split up and it made practical and financial sense. We are always clowning around and having a giggle.” 
“We don’t tend to take life too seriously and enjoy a having a laugh. We’ve been on family holidays and worked together in the family’s courier business, plus share all our finances and mortgage payments.” 
“I call Christina mum and grandma to wind her up. We’re not the type of people who dwell on the past. We like a good joke.” 
Lisa asserts that her mother had no problems with Graeme becoming her lover. Lisa says she did not know much of Graeme’s personality for the first 12 years of her life because he was away a lot. She even admits she had a crush on him when she was 15 years old.
After few years, Graeme found a shoulder to cry on in his step-daughter when he broke up with Christina.
Lisa said: “Graeme and mum had already separated and my feelings for him grew stronger. He has a great sense of humour, as well as being tall and attractive.” 
Graeme recalls: “All I remember of Lisa as a youngster was just a stroppy kid. I barely knew her as I was away so much. Even though she was only 18 when we fell for each other, she was so mature and genuine.”
Graeme was hesitant when Lisa finally declared her love for him but reciprocated it eventually. Naturally, Christina was stunned when the couple came out with their relationship. Instead of disowning her daughter, the mother forgave her and even paid for their wedding in 1993. Christina has since remarried to her third husband David Harvey. 
“By the time I got used to the idea of him being with Lisa he was my son-in-law. I didn’t feel betrayed because Graeme and I had already split up. I viewed it as a mother would, considering my daughter’s welfare.” Cristina said.
“And I thought ‘She could have done worse and at least I know him’. If she had some home with a stranger as old as him I would have been very worried. But Graeme’s a good man. I knew he’d treat her well.” She added.
The relationship was not without its critics, with many of their neighbors critical of their living setup. Some have even spat on Lisa on the street.
But the family manages to get by with humor and joy in their lives. The family that lays together apparently also stays together. 
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Source: Cracker Daily
‘I married my stepfather’ – You’ll Never Believe How This Strange Family Lives Together!

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