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In the Sharon Cuneta Twitter War: My show on TV5 will not be axed

While most Twitter users usually have fun on the social network, Megastar Sharon Cuneta experiences the contrary. More than a month ago, Sharon had a Twitter feud with an ABS CBN executive. Now, there’s another bad issue that came up against Sharon, somebody who claims her talk show on the Kapatid Network TV5Sharon Kapatid Mo, will be terminated.

According to the blog site called, Sharon Kapatid Mo was told by TV5 Kapatid to “Shape up or pack up”. Meaning, either the production and Sharon make efforts to boost ratings or else, their show will be terminated.

Sharon Cuneta reacted thru Twitter telling her followers there was absolutely no truth in the claims made by On the contrary, her bosses are very happy with her show.

“My bosses text me all the time and we are very happy about the show. This is a new show so it will struggle to get ratings at first. All new shows go through that, as you try to convince televiewers to watch and follow you.”

Regarding the post by

“I have absolutely no idea where the author got his source for his blind item. I’m also puzzled with what are his motives. Or if there’s someone behind him, telling him to make up stories just to destroy my image. I’ve been in showbusiness for a long time, I’ve been thru worse. Something like this doesn’t affect me at all. I’m just trying to do my job.”

“In time, the truth shall be revealed and we’ll see who’s telling the truth.”

What does Sharon Cuneta think about the author who made the item about her show being axed?

“He has posted many times about me, all of them negative, blind items which are all untrue. Maybe he’s trying to hard to be like Ricky Lo or Dolly Ann Carbajal.”

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