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Indian guy proposes at mall gets rejected

Another trending video shared on Facebook, a proposal gone bad.

From the video embedded below, the Indian guy equipped with mic, speaker and accompanied by a singing group tries to make a proposal with probably his girlfriend.

The started his proposal telling how he met the girl barely three months ago during his proposal. The mall goers to listen to him while others continue what they’re doing. As the guy kneel down, the girl tries to stop him but continues. And so unexpectedly, the girl grabs the ukulele of the serenading group and hit the guy to show her rejection.

Guy proposed to girlfriend gets rejected

The video receives mix reactions from social media, some were sad for the guy while many sided the girl for her bravery of not saying yes.

One commented, if it happens to a weaker girl, she could have said yes because she was cornered and might be pressured from the people watching them. Another Facebook user says, “One of the reasons y most guys do not respect other girls “.

Watch the video below and leave your comment below.

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