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Is Jim Paredes bullying these young Duterte supporters who went to EDSA Shrine to defend the President? Watch

A commotion between a small group of Duterte supporters and Jim Paredes erupted in today’s February 25 Edsa People Power celebration.

The brief commotion occurred after the singer-songwriter confronted members of the Duterte Youth who came to the Edsa Shrine saying they are there to defend Duterte.

The Edsa shrine is the staging point of the prayer and vigil rally of the anti-Duterte groups in today’s 31st Edsa Anniversary.

Paredes engaged a young Duterte supporter in an ‘eye staring contest’ while asking the unlucky dude wearing a black shirt to deny his conscience.

“Look at me. Look at me. Deny your conscience. Look at me. Di ka makatingin sa mata ano? Ha? You can’t even look. Duwag!”

Irritated after the first dude refused to engage Jim Paredes in his game, he walked away briefly and came back to challenging the second dude wearing a white polo shirt from the Duterte Youth to another eye staring contest. Lol.

“Look at me. Now tell me. Tell me, gusto mo ba si Duterte?” To which the second dude replied, “No, of course.”

Paredes continued badgering the second dude and asked, “He is not responsible for 7,000 deaths (extra-judicial killings)?”

The dude in white polo replied, “He is still being investigated.”

Jim Paredes guffawed upon hearing the second dude’s answer and said, “Ok, great. Lie to yourself. Lie to yourself, you are an intelligent guy. But you know what? Di mo matanggap na ikaw ay deluded ka.”

The dude in white polo shirt brought up the issue of Jim’s Filipino citizenship.

Paredes maintained he is a Filipino and shot down the insinuation that he is an Australian citizen.

The agitated Jim accused the dude in white polo shirt of inventing his Australian citizenship issue.

Jim Paredes bragged that he has two citizenships: First, he is a Filipino citizen. 2. He is a senior citizen.

In the video, Paredes can be heard mocking the Duterte supporters making the iconic Duterte fist calling them robots. If you get the gist, Paredes is accusing the Duterte supporters of incapable of thinking for themselves, but robots who receive orders from its master.

Not done yet, Paredes asked the Duterte supporter if they were against killings before Duterte came to power.

Paredes continued badgering the Duterte supporter but the latter chose to ignore Jim’s tirade.

Jim accused the Duterte supporter of selling his soul for supporting Duterte and in the end Jim said, the Duterte supporter will answer for that.

Jim continued his rant and confronted another member of the Duterte Youth when suddenly a commotion occurred from the back after MMDA enforcers started dispersing the Duterte supporters.

The social media supporters of Duterte slammed Paredes for his behavior in the video.

Kath Obero wrote: “Jim paredes are you talking about yourself?! Hahaha think!! My gosh!!! Bakit d narinig ingay nyo nnung saf44??? Bakit d rinig ingay nyo pg may narerape o napapatay ng mga adik?????”

Di Grant Zil commented: “Basta mga dilawan, mas masahol pa sa hayup pag umasta. Yang balew na parides na yan, pumonta ka dito masbate mag suntokan tau. Tang ina mo. D kita titirhan ng buhay animal ka.”

Hazel Heide Melinand lauded the Duterte supporters: “I SALUTE the Duterte Youth Organizer, Highest Respect sa Inyo po! Very stable emotionally, very Brilliant, very Honorable yan ang tunay na TAPANG.”

Iris Scalon said: “That and.he speaks that the truth but hes being party LP but Pres. Duterte.”

Gladys Avestruz said: “yabang mo jim paredes! bakit titingin sayo eh mukha kang demonyo! buang”

Video courtesy of isoytv.

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Is Jim Paredes bullying these young Duterte supporters who went to EDSA Shrine to defend the President? Watch

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