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Is this really how Maine Mendoza treats her fans? Unbelievable!

It is undeniable that Maine Mendoza is now a superstar! She’s now being mobbed by her fans where ever she goes, her fans kept on stalking her social media accounts. In short, Maine Mendoza is truly famous now. 
After her accidental pair up with Alden Richards, doors of opportunities have opened for both Maine and Alden, because of these opportunities, she was hailed as the Best Supporting Actress in the 2015 MMFF Awards Night
However, just recently, a video of Maine Mendoza circulates online! 

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Love Maine Mendoza
Napakabait talaga ni Maine Mendoza
Posted by Cosplay Addict on Thursday, January 14, 2016

In the video, people claim that the really attitude of Maine towards her fans was actually revealed.
You can clearly see in the video how Maine opened her arms widely to hug a fan.
People then claim that Maine Mendoza is indeed a nice person on and off cam!
Via Facebook

Source: Cracker Daily
Is this really how Maine Mendoza treats her fans? Unbelievable!

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