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Johan Huibers Builds Noah’s Ark [Video]

One night, Johan Huibers dreamt that Holland suffered a great flood.

Given that a large portion of Netherlands is located below sea level, it’s not a farfetched scenario.

So the next day, Huibers decided to start building a ship.

Not just a ship but an ark patterned after Noah’s Ark of the Bible.

In the Bible, Noah was commanded by God to build an ark having a length of 300 cubits, a width of 50 cubits, and a height of 30 cubits.

In modern measurement, that is equivalent to an ark that is massive being four stories high and the length of a football field.

Huibers states that he followed details given in Genesis during construction of the Ark. Some deviations have been necessary such as building the Ark out of American Cedar and Pine over a steel hull (otherwise it would collapse under its own weight) rather than the enigmatic gopher wood specified in the Bible.

Huibers has already spent more than €1 million on the project.

It’s not complete yet, but it’s getting close. The master plan is to sail the ship up the Thames River in time for the 2012 London Summer Olympics.

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