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John Lloyd Cruz and Shaina Magdayao breakup

We guess it couldn’t be helped. Rumors were swirling that it already occurred months ago. But only now has it been confirmed. John Lloyd Cruz and Shaina Magdayao have officially broken up. And the source of the story from Philippine Entertainment Portal(PEP) said the breakup occurred months ago.

There were several angles being looked at about the John Lloyd/Shaina break-up. In the past, the two were said to have quarreled over John Lloyd Cruz‘ former flame Ruffa Gutierrez. The most recent angle is a third party issue in the person of Angelica Panganiban. Angelica co-stars with John Lloyd in their upcoming movie which was shot in Vietnam. Stories came up about how the two seemingly admired each other on and off the set.

But the source of PEP who broke the news vehemently denied that Angelica Panganiban was the reason. According to him, that reason was far-out and totally untrue.

According to the source, the reason was “complicated”. ūüėÄ

If you’re thinking¬†Facebook¬†complicated, no that’s not the case. By complicated, meaning an accumulation of tiny problems. One is the fact that the family of¬†John Lloyd Cruz¬†doesn’t totally approve with his relationship with¬†Shaina Magdayao. Because while Shaina is a great girlfriend, she can also be very demanding with time and attention. According to the source, during vacations Shaina only wants John Lloyd for herself. She doesn’t want anyone else tagging along.

Age was another issue.¬†John Lloyd Cruz¬†is 28 while¬†Shaina Magdayao¬†is only 22. The source of¬†PEP¬†say Shaina’s immaturity contributed to their breaking up.

PEP tried to get in touch with the camp of Shaina Magdayao and also to Star Magic  for comments regarding their breakup but there has been no reply.



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