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Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow’s Collide at CMT Music Awards


Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow sang together with their new single “Collide” at the 2011 CMT Music Awards.

This is not the first time Kid and Sheryl duet, in 2002 the two had “Picture” which was Top 10 hit back then. If I’m not mistaken, that was also the time Kid was at his peak of his career, not so long ago when his hit song Bawitdaba was released in 1999.

Back with Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow’s latest collaboration “Collide”, the song tells about a couple of barflies finding a brief connection.

As compare to Kid’s “Picture”, “Collide”, wasn’t that hit. The single is from Kid Rock’s 2010 album “Born Free” and so far it has done well on country charts. Interestingly, the album version of the song features Bob Seger on piano. Guess, I have to look over it on Youtube later.


Aside from the performance by Kid Rock, he was also tasked to host the evenings festivities, despite being dressed like a homeless man for most of the show.

What can you say about Kid and Sheryl’s duet? I love them singing separately 🙂 How bout you?

Update 1:

Since Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow’s 2011 CMT Music Awards live performance is not embeddable you may check official music video of “Collide”.

[videe vid=”WoFHIhAW4W0″]

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