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Korea’s Got Talent’s Sung-bong Choi

Korea's Got Talent Sung-bong Choi

For Filipino fans following Pilipinas Got Talent you might want to check PGT 2: June 5 ,2011 winner, this post as entitled Korea’s Got Talent Sung-bong Choi was not really meant to get you lost but sort of comparing them. Last weekend, PGT went viral over Twitter as it became one of the trending topic on the said micro blogging site.

But for this week, I wouldn’t be surprised if Korea’s Got Talent Sung-bong Choi would make it to the top trending. Sung-bong Choi, a 22-year old is no doubt will became Korea’s next sensation. With his talent and well, very dramatic story, he will surely capture the hearts of many Koreans. As he unfold his story during the interview of judges, audience started to get serious and listen to his story.  Choi shares that he was “dayfly,” sleeping on street corners, peddling gum for ten years. Left by parents by three, lived in an orphanage until five, left the orphanage and started to live his life as dayfly.

Korea's Got Talent Sung-bong Choi

When young Sung-Bong Choi, sang Sarah Brightman’s “Nella Fantasia” on Korea’s Got Talent, judges started to weep and

Sung-bong Choi has the voice — and a grim Oliver Twist-ian childhood story— to become the next talent sensation. Choi says he lived like a “dayfly,” sleeping on street corners, peddling gum for ten years. A manual laborer by day, Choi has found his way into the hearts of South Koreans by singing Sarah Brightman’s “Nella Fantasia” on Korea’s Got Talent.

But not all celebrated with his talent, controversy stirred abounded over his training, putting a spin on his popularity streak. Most of the viewers were in doubt since he attended a high school specializing in the performing arts. Meanwhile, the network tvN explained that Choi, in fact, had mentioned his training to the judges, but it was edited out to make the story flow better.

Watch Korea’s Got Talent auditionee Sung-bong Choi as he sings Nella Fantasia and judge it by yourself. Leave a comment from form below to express your opinion about this.

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One thought on “Korea’s Got Talent’s Sung-bong Choi

  1. I heard Mr Choi Sung Bong sing on the pc, and found, that, as he stood there, apparently relaxed, performing; he should have been the winner of the contest. I was really disappointed by the result of KGT. Great voice, great performance. Mr Choi Sung Bong, my family and I wish you all succes, hapiness and health for the future. And we surely hope to hear from you again. (ps. we will already buy the two songs placed on ITunes.
    Verstraeten – Belgium

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