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Kuya Jobert Reportedly Suffered from Heat Stroke, Banana Sundae Casts' Reactions Were Surprised!

Kuya Jobert is one of the funniest artists who appears not only in the television but also online as well. His uploaded videos become very popular with viewers, making it in his best path in the showbiz career. However, an unforeseen event happened.

Kuya Jobert, like us, is just a human. Thus, he is not excused to various kinds of health condition such as heat stroke. During the taping of Banana Sundae, Kuya Jobert unexpectedly fainted and fell on the ground. His co-artists Jayson Gainza, Pooh, Ryan Bang and Angelica Panganiban quickly approached his unconscious body and started to panic due to what happened.

However, this was just a joke. He did not suffer from heat stroke, but a prank act just to trick the casts of the said show. Jessy Mendiola, also included in the shooting, confessed that she was teary-eyed that time.Watch the video below:

Sources: YouTube / TNP

Source: ControversialFiles
Kuya Jobert Reportedly Suffered from Heat Stroke, Banana Sundae Casts’ Reactions Were Surprised!

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