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Leonardo DiCaprio Highest paid actor,Johnny Depp leads Forbes Top Actors according to Forbes List


Forbes Annual list of Top Celebrities for this year is finally out and Lady Gaga tops the list but for actors’ category, no doubt about it, it’s Johnny Depp while Leonardo DiCaprio is the highest paid actor for this year’s Forbes List.

Forbes Top Actors category is also based from the top 100 list in which celebrities are rank according to their Pay, Money, TV/Radio Rank, Press,Web and now Social ranking which include Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

From Forbes Top 100 Celebrities, Johnny Depp ranks in number 13 but for top 10 actors, he is leading with all the Forbes ranking meter summed up. Following Depp is Leonardo Dicaprio, Adam Sandler, Brad Pitt and Robert Pattinson (who kissed co-star during MTV Awards 2011) in top five. leonardo-dicaprio-highest-paid-actor

If Forbes Top 10 Actors are to be rank based from their pay, Leonardo Dicaprio is the highest paid actor who took the lead with $77M, followed by Johnny Depp with $50M, Adam Sandler $40M, Will Smith $36M , Tom Hanks with $35M, Ben Stiller $34M, Robert Downey Jr. $31M, Mark Wahlberg $28M, Brad Pitt $20M and at the bottom ten is Robert Pattinson with $20M actually tied with Brad? Wow!

Last year though, Johnny Depp was the highest paid actor earning $75M and a cut of 33% brought down Johnny into second place for this year’s highest paid actors. DiCaprio on the other hand was at fifth place last year who just earned $28M with an increase of 175$.

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