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Man strangely laid eggs went viral!

The attention of the netizens was captured in this insane act that he was able to perform. 
This man took a footage of himself as he was facing the floor with a towel, then what happened next was unexpected. Literally, no one saw it coming. 
Eggs started coming out of his butt. It was very strange to see a man laying eggs. There had been rumors that back in 1998 a man who is living in Java laid eggs for more than 3 months. Even though the doctors looked at his condition, they could not see why that was happening. 
But now, there are people saying that this man purposely puts eggs inside his butt for this film while others say it is edited. 

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This video quickly went viral because of the insane act.
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Source: Cracker Daily
Man strangely laid eggs went viral!

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