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Manny Pangilinan clarifies issue on GMA 7 – TV5 merger

When reports came out that Kapuso network GMA 7 and Kapatid network TV5 have come to an agreement and decided to a merger, many probably thought GMA 7 has finally agreed to the offer made by Manny Pangilinan(MVP). By now, everybody is aware of MVP’s desire to purchase the Kapamilya network. A merger with GMA 7 together with MVP’s reputation for corporate success, this could send shockwaves throughout the Philippine media industry and take the TV network race by storm.

The story of the merger between GMA 7 and TV5 apparently came from a partnership project between TV5 and Dish Network called “Dish Ko ’To”. The partnership would combine the channels of GMA Pinoy TV and Kapatid TV5, thus improving network coverage for GMA 7 and TV5 in the United States. During the project launching, Manny Pangilinan was present and he endorsed both the Kapuso and Kapatid networks. Hence, the origin of the merger story.

Manny Pangilinan clarified the issue through a text message to TV5 host Arnell Ignacio. According to MVP, there is no corporate merger or combination beween GMA 7 and TV5. MVP merely requested that everyone support both the TV5 and GMA 7 networks in the US because the “Dish Ko To” project caters to both networks. Yes, he and GMA 7 management are under discussion, but nothing yet has been finalized.

One thing is still clear as of date. Atty. Felipe Gozon’s price tag for GMA 7 is still P 100 billion! 😀

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