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Marcos alleges presence of Comelec’s secret 4th server to rig the 2016 election

Now it can be told: Comelec used a secret server to rig the May 2016 election if the allegation of losing VP candidate Marcos is to be believed!

According to the article published by, the Marcos camp had evidence to support that Comelec had used a 4th server known as the “QUEUE SERVER” which functions as its name imply.

In light of this discovery, Atty. Amorado, head of Marcos legal team, said the senator intends to file the election protest on June 28, a day before the PET’s June 29 deadline for filing of protest for presidential and vice presidential posts.

“Amorado and Dela Cruz alleged that instead of being transmitted directly to the Municipal Board of Canvassers servers, Comelec server and transparency server, vote results were first coursed through the fourth server,” said the article.

ABAKADA party-list Rep. Jonathan Dela Cruz, Marcos campaing manager said, “We believe that we have enough evidence to show that there was massive rigging and manipulation of votes.”

Dela Cruz claimed that on May 9, between 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. transmitted election results showed that Marcos lost in 1,689 precincts, mostly in areas considered as Marcos’ bailiwicks – the provinces of Leyte, Samar, Pangasinan and other areas in Region II.

Worse, Atty. Amorado revealed that there were also no watchers allowed in the location of the supposed fourth server.

In light of this discovery, Amorado told MSN that they had asked the Comelec to preserve and secure “any and all servers, as well as other related-IT equipment used in the elections” in preparation for the election protest that their camp is set to file before PET.

One of the pioneers in exposing the electoral fraud in the VP race has something to say in light of the discovery of the alleged 4th server and quote:

No wonder the transmissions to the transparency servers were no longer random and had a neat pattern, hence the straight line and what appeared to be a trend of having BBM precincts transmitting first. This explains the inverted V.

I suspect that the fourth server or the queue server sorted the precinct transmissions to follow a pattern. The program was in the fourth server.

Meanwhile, Atty. Glenn Chiong prepared a meme to illustrate the crucial role of the alleged 4th server in the electoral fraud. Please refer below for your indulgence.

Credits to Atty. Glenn Chiong

Any thoughts on the alleged 4th server?


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Marcos alleges presence of Comelec’s secret 4th server to rig the 2016 election

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