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Marian Rivera poses for Cosmopolitan in sexy one-piece swimsuit

- Lazada Philippines

Remember this issue of Cosmopolitan with Marian Rivera?

Then this:

Those were previous issues of Cosmopolitan magazine which featured the premiere soap opera actress of GMA 7 Marian Rivera. The one which had her wearing the blue two piece swimsuit was way back in 2009 . Here is the latest, a more revealing one I should say:

This latest pose of Marian Rivera for Cosmopolitan magazine received mixed reviews, and a bit of bashing. Comments came from Marian’s fans and haters. One thing they commented, why did Marian always grace the cover of Cosmo? She and bf Dingdong Dantes were boring everyone!

That comment drew scores of replies from the fans of the actress who came to her defense. People from Cosmopolitan were quick to step in the middle, asking fans and haters to just relax. Bet you a copy of Cosmo, the editors of the latter are enjoying all that hype! 😀

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