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Microsoft Acquires Skype

Who among every internet users don’t know about skype? Well if you are just new in the internet world let me explain it in layman’s term. Skype is a VOIP software that uses internet to deliver voice over two distant point. Its like a cellphone or a telephone but you need a laptop and an internet connection.

Software giant Microsoft finaly unveils their $8.5 million acquisition with Skype. The most expensive expense of Microsoft on its entire history. Would you believe it? You should.

skype_logo_onlineWhy do you think Microsoft bought the VOIP giant even though it looses its share and revenue last year. Notice the Skype 3.0 for iPhone? If Microsoft now is the new owner of the Skype then all iPhone users will now have a discontinued free software for Voip. Which I believe Microsoft will free Skype only for Windows operated Phones. Think about it.

I don’t think this is a drastic move on the software giant but its also a risk on their part.Well for now, its good to know microsoft are still alive and willing to compete again.

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