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Mindanaoan writes open letter addressed to people not from Mindanao protesting against Martial Law

While the people of Mindanao welcome the declaration of Martial Law in the entire island following the Maute attack in Marawi City, Luzon islanders take to the streets protesting against Martial Law.

The protesters have also taken their act on social media wherein they engage the supporters of Martial Law in a heated debate.

Judging by the photos circulating online, one can tell that Martial Law has been warmly received by the people of Mindanao.

Credits to photo owner

Credits to photo owner

Meanwhile, a small group of UP students have been making a lot of noise on and offline protesting against Duterte’s declaration of Martial Law in Mindanao.

Credits to Bobbie Guzman

Credits to Bobbie Guzman

A Mindanaon educator, apparently tired of the bickering on social media, wrote an open letter making an appeal to people not from Mindanao to stop complaining and instead focus their energies on helping the Marawi evacuees in need of aid.

Dear people not of Mindanao,

Several Muslim families and Christians who live and work in Marawi have been kicked out of their homes, their offices, their jobs. There is no official statement as to the actual number of casualties, but it is definite that many lives and livelihoods are affected.

This does not even include people of neighboring cities and provinces. Plenty have relatives and friends from Marawi, and for those who have none in the affected area, Work, livelihood, and businesses are affected. The sudden influx of refugees is affecting these neighboring places, and some information, confirmed or rumor, is circulating that there are armed terror suspects trying to mix with these affected people. It is natural, therefore, that security has to be maintained to separate the wolves from the sheep.

The declaration of Martial Law is only in Mindanao. Freedom of speech has not yet been limited. We can still fb, tweet, and the like. Senate, congress and the judiciary have not been dissolved. Time limit is 60 days. Mindanaoans are cooperating while at the same time trying to reach out to their affected. We are licking our own wounds.

That aside, can you guys stop complaining and instead focus your energies on helping? If you have nothing nice to say, then shut up and get your hands and feet working to help out these families and individuals who have nothing to eat or run to.

That’s the problem with you sheltered people — you are not here in Mindanao, you do not have friends and relatives affected, so all you can do is speculate, do the blame game and discuss speculative politics.

This event is not about politics. This is not about the President or any political party. Neither is it about religions. This is about a crime against humanity — people getting killed, a city getting turned inside out, citizens booted out of their sanctuary, an island and its economy flipped upside down.

And yet, despite all that, we Mindanaoans are still trying to get by.

Undangi na na ninyo mga insensitive ug wala’y puangod. May gani kay wala mo maapektuhi. Kay kamo ra ba pag maapektuhan mas dagko pa ug baba kaysa sa mga tawo diri. (Stop it you insensitive and heartless freak! Good grief you were not affected. If you were, you could be a loud mouth than the people from here.

Your reaction, please!

Credits to Charm Mae Onineza

Reposted by: Souie Camomot Mercado

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Mindanaoan writes open letter addressed to people not from Mindanao protesting against Martial Law

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