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MUST SEE: Cheating Has Scientific Basis?

This might be weird, but cheating is one of the most common reasons why couples don’t last nowadays. Many look at it as a simple mistake or society has a view that cheating is normal especially to men. However, the gravity of this inhumane act, although ignored, is still abominable. Imagine kissing your mistress before kissing your wife and children at home. Or doing the sexual act with your boyfriend’s best friend? How can that be a “mere mistake?”

Surprisingly, science has an explanation why people commit this act. According to studies, cheating is correlated to the gene coding for a dopamine receptor. Commonly known as “happy hormone,” it is the same factor that is vital in exercising and orgasmic activities.

Here is a video to explain the whole study:

Although it is apparent that cheating has scientific basis, I still believe that this act is an option. We have the ability to think and distinguish right from wrong. If you cheat, you chose to do it and no other factors should justify an obnoxious act to make it look like more valid and tolerable.

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Source: YouTube / ChosenTrends

Source: ControversialFiles
MUST SEE: Cheating Has Scientific Basis?

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