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MUST-SEE: Muslim Netizen Mocks Jesus Christ and Enrages People on Social Media!

This Easter, people are reminded of the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. It symbolizes Christianity’s most important holiday, and it serves as a reminder of the great love our God gave to humanity by offering His only begotten Son as a sacrifice to atone for all of mankind’s sins.

Different religions have different practices when it comes to observing the Easter holiday, and many religions all over the world celebrate this special occasion. Although some religions do not observe this holiday, some were willing to spark a great debate about the occasion.

One specific netizen apparently mocked Jesus Christ on social media by commenting a picture of the Savior with an edited image, and this left a bad taste in the mouths of many causing them to be furious and enraged.

Sam Dalgan left the unremarkable comment and started a debate between Christians on who he believes is the true Savior. Check out his comments below!

It appears that he is a Muslim, hence his opposition of the beliefs and celebration of the Easter holiday. Netizen were quick to call him out, citing his disrespect in mocking Jesus Christ and showing no morality in respecting other religions and beliefs of other people.

Many people are starting to wonder if the beliefs and practices of the Muslim people are to insult, mock and disrespect other religions which is exactly the case right here. What do you think of Sam’s comments? Let us know your thoughts! Feel free to share us your own ideas and opinions by commenting right down below!
Source: TrendaFeed
MUST-SEE: Muslim Netizen Mocks Jesus Christ and Enrages People on Social Media!

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