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MUST WATCH: 4-Year Old Dressed Up As A Princess Nails ‘Beauty and the Beast’!

Claire Ryann once again hit the netizens with her newest trending video!
Claire is a 4-year-old Youtube sensation who loves to share and create her own music with her dad. As early as her age, Claire was able to capture the hearts of many people with her angelic voice and amazing singing talent.
The little angel went viral when she did her rendition of Disney’s ‘You’ve Got A Friend In Me’. She was happily singing with her father in the video uploaded on their Youtube channel, ‘Claire and the Crosbys’. Ever since the video skyrocketed on social media, Claire has been the trending topic of online discussion.
Her new video below, which was filmed on her 4th birthday, is the latest from the singing sensation. Her father decided to dress her up as a princess and made their own version of a Disney hit song, ‘Beauty and the Beast-Tale As Old As Time’. While she’s on the background singing with her cute and amazing little voice, her father and mother played the Beast and Belle while doing the intrumentals.
Their family video not only showed their amazing talents but it also showed how their talents are a way for their family to bond. Aside from the innocence in Claire’s voice, the netizens also appreciate the kind of family they have.
Millions of fans were already charmed by this video!

Source: Cracker Daily
MUST WATCH: 4-Year Old Dressed Up As A Princess Nails ‘Beauty and the Beast’!

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