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NBA Finals 2011 : Dallas Mavericks won


Hangovers from NBA Finals Mavericks vs Heat may have been lessen for the past 6 hours after Dallas Mavericks claimed the Championship title. Mavericks won against Heat with 105-95 score in Game 6, winning 4 games while Heat having won only two.

This year’s NBA is perhaps full of expectations, as a fan, I expected a rematch from last year’s contenders Boston Celtics and LA Lakers, I’ve also expected Lakers to face Miami Heat so that the dream match Kobe vs James will finally clash, failure. At the very least I’ve also expected Chicago will be facing Oklahoma Thunders.

Unexpectedly, a rematch between Mavericks vs Heat came to reality. Heat won against Mavericks in 2006 which then the first championship title ever won by Heat. This year, on the other hand, is Mavericks’ time and finally had their championship title for the very first time.

Kidd, Terry and Nowitzki with their first ever NBA Championsip thropy

As described by a co-blogger here, Nowitzki, Kidd and Terry were achiever for having an MVP award in 2007, highest assist and third highest triple double, and quintessential respectively finally won their first championship title for the very first time in their career in NBA.

Meanwhile, from the other side of the court, Heat’s Lebron James is expected to suffer from indignity of only making it to game #6 of the NBA finals in 2011. [Quoted from]. When, The Decision hit the media last year, James receives a lot of critics and a few suports from fans, co-NBA players and even NBA Hall of Famers who were not impressed with James.

Unlike James who left Cavaliers, at least Nowitzki stayed with Mavericks since 1998 even though they didn’t won their supposed first title in 2006 against the Heat. And for that perserverance and loyalty, he can have is greatest birthday this coming June 19 and retire happily.

Also, with James’  declining performance, some press even says shrinkinng superstar, many relates it to the spreading rumor that his girlfriend
Savanna Brinso Slept with Rashard Lewis. Perhaps James should give us his good excuses James why this had happened to him.

Finally, congratutions to Mavericks for winning 2011 NBA Championship against Miami Heat. And to James, he still have years to have that so precious ring.

Watch Game 6 recap below.

[videe vid=”oexpGt0cdDQ”]

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