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Netizens Express Anger Over Photos of Man Giving Liquor to a Baby

What age is the safest to let a child drink alcoholic beverages? While the actual content of alcoholic beverages varies and the laws for the youngest age to drink liquor vary from one place to another, it is safest to assume that babies and very young kids should not be allowed to drink any type of alcoholic drink at all!

Netizens have expressed anger over a man who shared photos on Facebook while giving a toddler some liquor. It appears that the liquor is for real because some of it had trickled down the baby’s chin and neck.

While the photos were shared by a certain Joseph Villete on Facebook, it is unknown whether the guy in the photo is Villete or if the child was his own. What is clear in the photo is that the baby drank the liquor as if it were just juice.

It angered netizens that this guy, whether he was Villete or not, for giving the baby some hard drinks especially because liquor is not even advisable to be drank by adults. It was also revealed in the original post that the baby fell asleep after drinking the liquor.

Photo credit: Joseph Villete / Trending News Portal

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As of press time, the post has either been deleted or set to private by Villete but many netizens were so angry that they took screenshots as proof of the matter. The photos have been reposted on Facebook and also picked up by blogs that reported the incident.

Many netizens condemned the man and hoped that he would be imprisoned for endangering the child’s life. A lot of netizens believe that he would surely be imprisoned for child abuse if someone would just the courage to file charges against him.

Some commented that this might be a joke but seeing the liquid trickling down the child’s mouth and chin, it was clear that he has surely ingested some of the fluid.

What’s the Youngest Age to Safely Drink Alcohol?

Alcohol is dangerous to one’s health, especially in small children whose brains and bodies are not yet fully developed.

While laws differ across countries and states as to the youngest age a person can drink alcohol, it is still safest to err in the side of caution by not letting anyone under the age of 18 to drink any alcoholic drink.

Source: DefinitelyFilipino
Netizens Express Anger Over Photos of Man Giving Liquor to a Baby

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