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Nightmare Becomes Reality: Man Trapped Inside Coffin for 6 Days!

This is a true story of a man that stranded inside the coffin for six days in Taiwan. According to this guy, he just drank his own pees and water from the rain just to survive those days under the coffin.

He said that his favorite thing is to drink and sing in any bar near the shrine where he had placed by someone inside the coffin. He couldn’t remember the whole scene after he got very drunk; he just woke up the next day that he is already inside of a heavy coffin cover in the middle of the cemetery.

The Coffin cover is about 100 kilograms; this is why he couldn’t push it away so he could escape, but he is still lucky because there is a small whole that he uses to shout for help and it also serve as the passage of his air. Someone heard his voice and rescued him.

His family believed that it was all planned by someone else as the body from coffin in 2012 was removed. They took a picture of the person he saw that night so that he could point out who’s with him at that time. The whole investigation is now under the authority’s side.

The person who did this might faced numerous strong cases so he or they could pay for what they have done.

Source: Tomo News
Source: ControversialFiles
Nightmare Becomes Reality: Man Trapped Inside Coffin for 6 Days!

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