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Officer Noticed A Strange Man At 2:30 AM. What He Found Out Minutes Later? Oh My…

One night while paroling, Deputy Matt Holman stumbled upon a homeless man walking on the street. He pulled over to the man and learned that his name was Robert Morris.

They ended up walking to a nearby church together. After sitting down, Robert began telling Deputy Holman what he has been struggling with.

He said he became addicted to drugs and alcohol, and it destroyed his relationships with all of his family members. He also started living in the woods since a while ago. But the tent he was living in got washed away in the flood.

Deputy Holman bought him some food to eat. When asked if there was anything else he needed, Robert said he wanted a bible.

Normally, Deputy Holman has extra bibles in his trunk. But for some reason, he couldn’t find it that night. He decided to give him his own.

Wait till you find out what happened 6 months later. You’ll be moved to tears.

Watch the video below!

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Officer Noticed A Strange Man At 2:30 AM. What He Found Out Minutes Later? Oh My…

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