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OMG! Karen Reyes Reveals the Real Reason She Left GirlTrends in ‘It’s Showtime!’ FIND IT OUT HERE!

Karen Reyes‘ new revelation brought her to the forefront—- why she left GirlTrends, the all-girls dancing group in ‘It’s Showtime.’ 
According to her, she felt unhappy during her stay because the other GirlTrends members were unfriendly towards her. 
“Umalis ako kasi kung ganu’ng grupo yung masasalihan ko, might as well ‘wag na lang. Kasi yung Girltrends kasi, ang hirap lang kasi ng pakikisama. Hindi ako masaya,” Karen says. 
She stated that Star Magic Angels, the group she once belonged to, were much better because all of them were happy in performing together. 
However, GirlTrends was a different case. “Yun yung struggles talaga. Kasi yung Angels kaya ko naman, eh. Masaya naman kami nung binubuo namin yon, pag nagpe-perform kami masaya naman kami. Itong Girltrends, iba eh,” Karen said. 
She also added that she wouldn’t really stay in a situation where the only thing that seemed important were getting paid, like in GirlTrends’ case.
“So hindi na ako nag-stay kasi ang hirap gumawa ng isang bagay na hindi ka masaya, na gusto mo lang ng exposure, na gusto mo lang ng pera. Ako kasi, passion ko ang pag-aartista so gagawin ko yung best ko para mapaganda yung career ko.” 
Karen also opened up that she almost had a quarrel with a fellow GirlTrends member. “Muntik na talaga, kasi parang nag-aaway sila, eh, bilang matanda inawat ko tapos ako pa yung napasama. Eh, ako hangga’t kaya kong hindi magtaray, hindi ako magtataray, pero nangyari yon.” 
Apart from that, she also revealed that she cried in some of the group’s rehearsals. Then it came to the point that she couldn’t handle it anymore-—she decided to tell one of her bosses that she will be quitting. 
“After that, tinatawagan nila ako for rehearsal pero sabi ko, ‘ayoko na po.’ Nagpaalam naman ako sa mga boss na ayoko na kasi hindi na ako masaya,” Karen recounted. The actress revealed that GirlTrends didn’t have a friendly atmosphere and that everything was just a competition to them. 
What do you  think about Karen opening up? If you were in her situation, what will you do? Tell us your comments below! 

Source: Cracker Daily
OMG! Karen Reyes Reveals the Real Reason She Left GirlTrends in ‘It’s Showtime!’ FIND IT OUT HERE!

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