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OMG! Kim Domingo Slapped Paolo Contis After He Says,"Ang laki ng **** mo, pwede hawakan?"

The cast of Bubble Gang are at it again!
This time, sexy actress Kim Domingo became a victim of Paolo Contis‘ lewd remarks in their comedy skit, ‘Haring Bastos.’ 
Paolo played the role of a man who blurts out inappropriate comments as a result of him hitting his head due to an accident.
In the scene, Paolo and his wife, played by Valine Montenegro, had just finished their consultation with their physician played by Betong Sumaya, when Kim walks in and sits beside Paolo.  
Then, Kim learned about Paolo’s condition, but not before slapping him twice for his offensive remarks.
Valine apologized to Kim, explaining that her husband really meant well. 
But the real punchline came when Valine left the two in the waiting area. 
Paolo simply told Kim to be careful on the way home; his words uncensored.
Turns out that the real crude comments come out when he talks in a nice way.


Watch what the ‘Haring Bastos’ really meant to say here: 

Bubble Gang is a comedy gag show that airs every Friday night on the GMA Network. The show features Kapuso stars Michael V, Antonio Aquitania, Boy 2 Quizon, Paolo Contis, Sef Cadayona, and Betong Sumaya
In its more than 20 years of bringing laughter, the show has produced some of the most iconic characters and sketches in television, including ‘Brod Pete‘ of ‘Dating Doon‘, ‘Yaya and Angelina‘, ‘Myusik Tagalog Bersyon’,Moymoy Palaboy‘, ‘Boy Pickup‘, ‘Antonietta‘ and many more.
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Source: Cracker Daily
OMG! Kim Domingo Slapped Paolo Contis After He Says,”Ang laki ng **** mo, pwede hawakan?”

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