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Open Letter: Dear President Duterte haters and critics in cyberspace. Must read!

If you take a quick glance at Facebook, the cyberspace right now is so full of hate against Duterte even before he assumes the Presidency!

As much as I wanted to defend President-elect Duterte from his bashers and critics, my inadequacy to write a spirited defense against his critics prevents me from doing so.

Anyway, President Duterte has plenty of supporters who write better than me so prudence tells me to let them do the job.

Speaking of which, a netizen named Lorraine Marie T. Badoy have been asked by her friends to write something to counter the hatred being spewed by Duterte’s critics.

Please read the full text of his open letter below:

I’ve been asked so many many times by those who adore this man to write about certain things in his defense because the internet right now is so full of hate for this man. All you need is a cursory glance at Facebook to see this.

And I, because i do not want to be that narrow-minded ass who thinks her views are the only legitimate ones on earth and will have the cluelessness to even ask, “HOW?HOW?HOW CAN ANYONE VOTE FOR THIS MAN (OR THAT WOMAN OR WHOEVER)?” or, “ONLY STUPID PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE THIS OR THAT.” thereby making it clear to one and all who really is the stupid one who can’t grasp the basic idea of ‘other people’s truths’– well I do not unfollow anyone.

So yes I see it–clear as day–the hate for this man who has yet to sit for half a second as President of this country. And this hate is spilling into cyberspace.

“The killings have started, oh nooo!”

Sha nga? Ngayon mo lang napansin yang mga killings na yan? Matagal na yan nanjan. Lumad, Kidapawan, SAF, etc etc. And by the way, he’s still not the President. And although all evidence points to the contrary, we still have a sitting president. Go ask him to do his job and best of luck to you trying to squeeze something out of that that that..flabberARGH.

“He slept through independence day rites” Uh. well. He’s not president yet, dear.

“His working hours will be from 1 pm up. Ano ba yan?? We are so doomed!!”

If he gets things done that are dying to get done, he can start working at midnight with a Dr Seuss hat and Madonna screaming ‘Borderline’ in the background and in just his kansonsilyo while eating macha green tea ice cream with twister fries on the side. What do I care?? (Pinoys have a HUGE problem with choosing substance over form, pansin nyo? )

“Akala ko ba he wants unity???”, asks the most divisive, the most hateful–the ones who spew vitriol the most against this man, who have drawn a very thick line on the sand thereby missing the THICK irony to those words they ask and the part they solidiy play in this division. Sos.

On and on and on.

You can not not have strong feelings for Rodrigo Duterte. You either hate him or follow him to the ends of the earth. That is the kind of man he is.

What he inspires in me is amazement. Amazement at the audacity he has to take sledgehammer on hand and resolutely smash rotten institutions that past presidents had no balls nor brains to smash.

And my days are filled with amusement and shaking of my head and either laughing out loud or snorting with incredulous glee at whatever his latest caper has wrought.

The oligarchs and civil society and the, errrr, respectable and decent middle class are up in arms and they are all twisted up in knots. And they, because they are so good at it, pretend it’s all about country and god.

In truth and at the heart of all that hate is because Rodrigo Duterte is just so different from them. Visayan accent, nagtataas ng paa sa lamesa, same freaken’ shirt, curses at their venerated institutions, cannot, will not submit to their idea of how a president ought to look and sound like.

And this man sees through all that phoniness Pinoys are so good at and says to them, “PUTANGINA NYO! MGA LECHE KAYO!”

I mean seriously, how can anyone who’s hated all that phoniness like I have not love this man?
There are clear reasons I have not read our newspapers nor watched TV for about 10 years now. And there great reasons I walked out of the Catholic church decades ago and why I think that was one of the best decisions in my life.

And there are reasons I publicly shame corrupt politicians and think ALL of us ought to. Or why I think one of the greatest dangers to our country –as it ALWAYS HAS BEEN–is that bunch of greedy bastards so indifferent to the plight of the Common Tao–the oligarchs.

And when this man lets loose expletives directed at them, let me just say this loud and clear: he speaks for me. He gives words to all that I have thought and felt for the country’s crappiest creatures.

I don’t even guess it. I am CERTAIN we dodged a bullet by not letting the terribly incompetent oligarch, Mar Roxas who couldn’t even manage to meet a simple SOCE deadline lead us out of the quagmire he and his ilk created and worsened to a degree previously unimaginable in this country.

So all the crap I read on Facebook directed at this man, I pretty much let go of. And if it’s some legitimate concern, I speak out loud and clear about it. The Marcos burial at the LNMB, for instance.
I don’t sweat the small petty stuff on Facebook.

I keep calm.

If you’ve managed to put the abusive Catholic hierarchy in their place,
and if you’ve managed to expose the hypocrisies of civil society and pained them because you’re just so different from them thereby putting them in their place and giving the marginalized a leg up just by doing this singular powerful act and called out the rotten crap that passes off as journalism in this country,
and said what I, in my heart, ached for a president to say: THAT THE POOR WILL BE TOP PRIORITY,
and if you have the corrupt officials in your crosshairs,
and if you say RH and FOI will be one of your top priorities,
and that you’ve managed to include the excluded in your official family, then yes, I can believe, change is coming.

I await you with eager arms, Mr President elect.

Any thoughts on this post?

Credits to Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

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Open Letter: Dear President Duterte haters and critics in cyberspace. Must read!

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