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Owner's Grief After Losing Her Beloved Smart Dog Will Surely Make You Cry!

One of the difficult things in life is to let go of someone you really love, it doesn’t matter if it is a person, animal or things as long as it gives value to your life. They said, dogs are always a man’s best friend.

According to the Specialist, dogs can bring so much joy to a person’s life, just like humans, they also have emotions; it can be happy or sad. Dog lovers claimed that dogs can be as sweet as a person. Their innocent minds are just pure love. 

This is the reason why people couldn’t move on immediately whenever their dogs pass away, just like what this girl in video experienced with the unexpected death of her dog “Miley”.
 This heartbreaking video of a girl who’s trying to revive his Belgian Malinois trained dog caught the attention of many Netizen.  This video will surely make you cry.

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A Facebook user named Charmaine Pazcoguin Vasquez uploaded this video with the caption “The saddest part is letting go of someone you love.. 9months has been forever.. You will be forever in our hearts no matter what Miley.. Thank you man Ricky Rianzares for the training for our love.. We love you So much Miley!“. She claimed that Miley is a very smart dog.

The video is now trending online, and most people are showing their sympathy for the lady as she shows her desperate moves to save his dog Miley while she was crying.

Source: Charmaine Pazcoguin

Source: ControversialFiles
Owner’s Grief After Losing Her Beloved Smart Dog Will Surely Make You Cry!

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