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Pacquiao loses big with KO defeat against Marquez

For a while I thought it was a low blow.

Then as the replays came in, the suddenness of the KO were more clear. A perfectly timed, devastating counter in the dying seconds of round 6. And with referee Kenny Bayless waving his arms, there was no doubt about it.

Manny Pacquiao loses to Juan Manuel Marquez via knockout in Round 6 of their match in Las Vegas.

The crowd was in shock. Jinkee Pacquiao was in tears and Bob Arum was trying to console her. Jinkee wanted to go out and check on her husband Manny. But those at ringside were all equally concerned over Pacquiao’s condition.

Pacquiao would eventually get up and get checked by the ring physician. He even smiled.

He’s the only Filipino who is smiling though.

Filipinos all over the world are probably shocked at the result of this fight. It may not be the first time Manny Pacquiao has lost a fight, but this is definitely the first time that he lost not only clearly but also in devastating and probably humiliating fashion. Marquez and his camp meanwhile are all celebrating with much glee. He has finally won against Pacquiao. He has regained his pride. And best of all, he will go down in boxing history as the fighter who brought Pacquiao down.

There are two things I have in mind right now regarding the fight.


JuanMa’s newfound power?

Months back, I wrote that if Marquez wants to win against Manny Pacquiao, he should find a way to gain power and strength in his punches. Marquez has been praised as one of the best counter punchers of all-time, but he is also criticized for lacking power. If he wants to win against Pacquiao, he has to really convince the judges this fourth time. Those counter punches of his would hardly score any points, him being the challenger.

Seems like Marquez  heard me. His response to Juicyexpress? A 6th round KO on the Filipino champion.

Marquez is a great counter puncher and a superb tactician. He knew that the best time to unleash a power punch was during the dying seconds of a round, where Pacquiao would be more on the offensive attempting to land a few more points before the bell rang. As such, his guard would be lowered, making him susceptible.

As round 6 started to close, Pacquiao did go on the offensive and tried to close the gap. Marquez stood his ground and relied on his instincts. As Pacquiao closed, Marquez right flew and bang! The stars are in the sky for the Pac-Man!

For those who watch the anime Knock Out, what Marquez did was very similar to the Jolt Counter of Miyata Ichiro. Watch it again. See how Marquez put all of his weight into that counter punch and unloaded it right into Manny’s face.


What’s next for Manny Pacquiao?

This is a question not just by the hundreds or thousands, but maybe the millions who watched. With this loss, what will Pacquiao do next?

One thing’s for sure to me. We can kiss that superfight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. goodbye. That shot now belongs to Marquez. After disposing of Manny Pacquiao, Marquez would want to avenge the loss he suffered against Mayweather years ago.

Mayweather is likely smiling and laughing right now. He could think of so many snide sneers and remarks to throw out to Manny Pacquiao. And he won’t agree to any deal with the Pac-Man.

Pacquiao meanwhile still has a lot of things to attend to when he is cleared to go home. He has an election to take care of in his hometown of Sarangani province. His wife Jinkee is his running mate for the governor seat. His brother is running for a seat in Congress. While Pacquiao has probably closed in on the governor post, the same thing might not be said for his wife and brother.

The loss will probably hurt the Pacquiao clan in the polls. Their visibility, credibility and trust rating are sure to take a hit. Already, the web is being flocked with critics and comments, stuff relating Pacquiao’s loss to his stand with the RH bill as well as his religious beliefs. I for one would want to separate his boxing from politics. Yet as a celebrity, Pacquiao cannot help those two getting mixed.

If Manny Pacquiao is to get up from this, he will have to make some really tough choices. Choices that affect not only him and his family. Choices that will affect the future of Philippine boxing.



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