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Paolo Bediones’ reaction to Ruffa Gutierrez-Paparazzi incident:No need for stricter guidelines

Whether Ruffa Gutierrez will really quit Paparazzi after what happened at the show’s episode during her birthday, we’ll just have to find out.  TV5 said through its executive Perci Intalan that it will conduct an investigation and there are talks about the MTRCB also coming in to conduct an investigation. The point of all this is whether or not a line was crossed between journalism ethics and plain, old showbiz fun. Who was at fault? Is it the production staff, like the writers? Or is it the hosts who are to blame, Mr. Fu, Cristy Fermin, Zoren Legazpi and Mariel Rodriguez? Should there be stricter and hard-fast guidelines to prevent future incidents like the one with Ruffa?

Regarding that last part about stricter guidelines, according to TV5 host and programming manager Paolo Bediones, not really. In an interview, Paolo gave some of his thoughts about the incident with Ruffa Gutierrez and Paparazzi.

“What’s becoming bad about this is the fact that there are now many sides of the story coming out in the press, and we don’t know for sure anymore what really happened. I myself admit I wasn’t able to watch that episode. So there are things still unclear, even for me who is also from TV5.”

“Maybe Ruffa was extra-sensitive that time, she was touchy and in no mood for those questions. Hence, she didn’t take it so nice, and felt disrespected. Its sad that it came out that way, that she ended up wanting to quit.”

(Below is the video of the Paparazzi episode during Ruffa‘s birthday)

Paolo Bediones was asked whether stricter guidelines should be placed to prevent future incidents like this

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the questions. I think it’s more about how they will be asked or delivered by the hosts of the show. I remembered being in the same spot before, and at the end of the day, it was you who steered things and controlled the show. The staff may have prepared what will transpire during the show’s episode, but it is the host who is in charge with the situation because he is after all in control.”

“If you put strict guidelines with the questions, put some limits, then you might end up curtailing journalistic freedom. Maybe it will depend on the type of show, a news and information show against a showbiz talk show. Because when we think about showbiz talk shows, hosts and guests have welcomed those kind of questions ever since.”



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