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Paparazzi host Mr. Fu speaks up about Ruffa Gutierrez quitting/alleged disrespect towards her

Days ago, we reported that Ruffa Gutierrez quit the showbiz talk show Paparazzi of the TV5 Kapatid network. Ruffa accused her fellow hosts of disrespecting her especially during an episode where she was celebrating her birthday. Speaking up on her Twitter account, Ruffa went as far as comparing Paparazzi with ABS CBN’s The Buzz, saying she would never have gotten that kind of treatment with her former show.

Philippine Entertainment Portal(PEP) was able to interview one of Ruffa‘s co-hosts in Paparazzi, Mr. Fu, who agreed to present their side regarding Ruffa’s accusations. According to him, there was no intention to offend or disrespect her:

“The naughty segment has always been part of the show. The staff decided that since it was Ruffa‘s birthday, they decided she would be the center and the star for that episode. We had no intention of disrespecting or offending her. I’m sorry if she felt that way.”

“After the show, me and her kissed and said goodbye. She even invited me to her birthday party. I thought everything was ok, so I didn’t say anything else. Then during the night of Miss World Philippines 2012, I found out about her tweets. I was really shocked because I thought everything was fine.

Did he and Ruffa Gutierrez meet and talk after the incident?

“I was there at Miss World Philippines 2012. Ruffa Gutierrez was one of the hosts right? But we didn’t run into each other. I tried texting her but she hasn’t replied yet anything.”

Do you have any message for Ruffa Gutierrez?

“First of all, Ruffa, I want to say sorry if I offended you. I had no intention of ruining her birthday or making her feel offended or disrespected on Paparazzi. I wish that things will become okay soon.”

“We are deeply saddened if Ruffa will quit the show. But we understand if that’s her decision. We’re all just hoping that things will be ironed out and there will be no hard feelings left before we part ways.”


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